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Fancy Funds Pack of 10 Eid Mubarak Envelopes with Stickers

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Introducing our Fancy Funds Eid Gift Money Envelopes for Children – the perfect way to make their celebrations even more joyful and memorable! These adorable envelopes feature super cute and colorful prints that will bring smiles to their faces. Plus, we're including 10 vibrant stickers to add an extra touch of fun and excitement!

Celebrate Eid in style with these specially designed envelopes. Each envelope showcases a delightful assortment of playful and vibrant prints that capture the essence of the festive season. From cute animals to colorful patterns, these designs are sure to enchant and captivate children of all ages.

Made from high-quality materials, these envelopes are sturdy and durable, ensuring that your gift money stays safe and secure. Each envelope features a convenient flap closure, making it easy to insert and retrieve cash or gift cards. The compact size is perfect for little hands, adding an element of excitement and anticipation as they eagerly open their special Eid surprises.